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Meet the MINI-ZAPPER for Bug Bites
You are out on the trail or in your backyard. You sit on an old log to rest and get bitten by a spider, bee, mosquito, or scorpion. Get immediate relief by using the Mini-Zapper on the bite area. Feedback from various users testify to the results to relieve pain from the bites of ants, bees, scorpions, etc. We must emphasize that this is experimental and no claims are made about its effectiveness on snake bites.

Are you allergic to bee stings, mosquito bites, spider bites, wasp stings, or even scorpion bites??
The device pictured here actually NEUTRALIZES the venom upon proper application of the unit to the bitten area.
You feel immediate relief from the bite because of this. Swelling stops, pain stops, itching is greatly reduced.

$5.00 SHIPPING to most parts of the US.

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This simple device operates on a principle known for years. A high voltage, low current pulsating DC charge (zap) applied to the stung or bitten area of the skin will neutralize the toxin.

The beauty of this treatment is threefold:
1. It does not break the skin. No possibility
of blood infection.
2. Cannot be overdone. No side effects.
3. It works!

Additional Benefits of this Device....
The spark seems to have an unexplainable ability to relax muscles so people are also reporting relief from minor back pain and aching, swollen joints, and even headaches.

How Do I Use this Mini-Zapper?
Place ring flat on affected area. Press the red button 5 or 6 times (1 zap per 2 seconds). Pain or itching should subside almost immediately. Repeat treatment in 3 minutes if discomfort is not completely relieved.


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